Our Staff

Name Title Credentials Years of Experience Years with DHL
Derhsing Luu President Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry 31 24
John DuPont General Manager B.S. in Chemistry 37 18
Scott Schroeder Technical Director B.S. in Chemistry 22 22
Sherri Herschmann QA Manager B.S. in Chemistry & English 28 13
Jessica Tovar Log-In Manager
Ryan Wehler Systems Administrator A.S. in Computer Science 16 14
Angie O’Donnell QA/QC Specialist B.A. in Environmental Resource Management 25 8
Janice Whitt QA/QC Specialist B.S in Biology, Minor in Chemistry 16 13
Carlos Castro QA/QC Specialist / H&S Officer B.S. in Biology, Minor in Chemistry 26 17
Don Winston Senior Chemist B.S. in Chemistry 29 24
Andrew Hartford Lab Analyst B.S. in Chemistry 0 0
Billy Jenkins Lab Analyst HS Graduate 0 0
Cassie Van Dyke Lab Analyst B.S. in Chemistry 0 0
Duston Bezner Lab Analyst B.S. in Biology 1 1
Lauren Garcia Lab Analyst B.S. in Biochemistry 1 1
Ryan Oliver Lab Analyst B.S. in Business Administration 7 2
Alex Hughes Lab Technician HS Graduate 2 2
John Luu Lab Technician HS Graduate 6 6
Misty Wehler HR & Accounting B.A in Psychology 19 5
Anna Loers Administrative Assistant