Our Technology

Climate Controlled Labs

DHL Analytical’s laboratory was designed specifically for sample testing services. There are a total of six climate controlled laboratory areas. These are Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles, Metals, Wet Chemistry and two separate sample prep labs. This design minimizes cross contamination problems.


All analytical equipment is powered through a Chloride Power System (AC->DC->AC) and backed up by a 50 kVa emergency power supply. This ensures clean power for all critical analytical equipment and reduces unwanted power interruptions and failures as well as maintains the longevity of all critical equipment.


DHL Analytical’s lab uses a Siemens MODULAB HIGH FLOW & ELGA Ultrapure Option-Q water system to produce TYPE I (<18 mega Ω), <0.2 u/m particulate water for all analytical applications.

Major Analytical Instruments

  1. 2x Agilent 5890/5972 GC/MS coupled with Archon Autosamplers and Tekmar 3000 P/T units
  2. 2x Agilent 6890/5973N GC/MS coupled with Centurion Autosampler and Encon P/T units
  3. 4x Aglient 6890/5973 GC/MS coupled with Optic II & III Large Volume Injectors (LVI)
  4. 1x Agilent 7890A/5975C GC/MS with Multi-Mode Injector
  5. 1x Agilent 7890A/5975C GC/MS with Optic III Large Volume Injector (LVI)
  6. 2x Agilent 5890/Gerstel Mach Fast GCs with LEAP A200S Autosamplers
  7. 1x Agilent 6890 GC with dual micro ECDs
  8. 2x Agilent 7500CE ICP/MS
  9. 2x Dionex 120 with AS40 Autosamplers
  10. 1x Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC/MSQ LC/MS
  11. 1x Dionex ICS-2000 IC/MSQ IC/MS
  12. 2x Dionex Autotrace SPE(Solid Phase Extraction) workstations
  13. 1x Shimadzu GC-14A with dual PIDs coupled with Archon autosampler and tekmar 3000 P/T units
  14. 1x Shimadzu GC-14A with dual PIDs coupled with Tekmar 2032 and Tekmar 2000 P/T units
  15. 1x Shimadzu GC-14A with Methanizer/Dual FIDs
  16. 1x Shimadzu GC-14A with FID
  17. 1x Omega Metrohm 798 MPT Titrino autotitrator
  18. 1x Tekma Dohrman Phoenix 8000 TOC analyzer
  19. 1x HACH variable wavelength UV/VIS spectrometer

24/7 Temperature Monitoring and Warning Systems

All sample storage whether they are in refrigerators or freezers are monitored by Avtech RoomAlert 26W wireless temperature sensors. These systems allow not only continual monitoring of each refrigeration unit but it will also send text messages to each designated employees cell phone. An emergency response can be taken should these storage units temperatures exceed their pre-set limits thus preserving all sample integrity and all mandated temperature compliances.

LIMS/Lab Servers

DHL Analytical uses Omega LIMS to manage all laboratory information and report generating. Our newest custom built server allows storage of all data generated from the lab in triplicates (RAID6) and stores them in separate drives. DHL Analytical’s new total server storage and backup capacity is over 30 terrabytes in size. This fast server allows fast data storage and retrieval as well as redundancy of data storage ensures the safety of all data. All LIMS data is farther backed up using network attached storage on an hourly basis with a full backup to tape each evening. This system guarantees ALL data integrity.